Monday, August 11, 2008

The Making Of A Masterpiece.

The making of a Masterpiece.
Hi guys. Tell me how many of you have been to a car factory and seen a car in the making. Not many of you i guess. Well, here is your chance to have an insight into the world of car manufacturing, that too a Peugeot "Citroen". Well, the basic processes of car manufacturing are same. What I have for you is an animated car manufacturing plant showing the different processes involved in car manufacturing. It shows the different stages of car manufacturing right from unreeling of galvanised steel sheets to body assembly and finally the finished product. When you move your cursor around the plant you will see the name of the process at the right hand top corner. Click it and you will see the animated version of that particular process. Some processes have an option of "A CLOSER LOOK". Click it and you will get a deeper insight of the process.

I want to keep my post short and sweet. Rest is for you to explore. So, go ahead guys and click here.


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    I saw the stages of manufacturing a car was like visiting a factory in live...amazing
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